The Eccentric Tale Of Bergen County Mugshots!

The dimly lit room, someone is stomping up and down the stairs, and suddenly a loud shriek fills up the surrounding. Scary, isn’t it!?

Oodles of us love reading mysteries or watching crime series or documentaries. But what happens when a crime gets committed in real life? What are the first steps after the accused reaches a jail? Let’s shine a little spotlight on these queries to quench that inquisitive thirst.

Numerous movies have displayed a scene where the arrest of a person gets followed by a waist-up photograph holding a plank with their name written on it.

It is nothing but a mug shot in technical lingo!


Mugshots are official photographs of the arrested people or photographic portraits, sometimes containing name, booking number, etc. It began shortly after the invention of photography, somewhere around the 1840s. Over the years, this process was ultimately standardized.

A little insight into Bergen county mugshots-

Bergen County was one of the first four original counties of New Jersey. Just like the definition above, they are the official shots of the suspects after the arrest, usually taken by local police, the Sheriff office, or other law enforcement agencies.

The suspect gets photographed from the front view as well as a side-profile view. Not only are they used by the witnesses, victims, and investigators, but are also used to find the suspect, in case of him/her not honoring the arrest warrant.

The infamous ‘bad boy’ shot-

The international icon, Frank Sinatra, was arrested by the Sheriff of Bergen county in 1938, at the age of 23, long before he gained all the fame. He got charged with seduction, which later converted into adultery, but ultimately all the charges were dropped. The release of Sinatra’s file by the FBI in the year 1998 led to the uncovering of the scandalous photograph, none other than his mugshot bearing number 42799.

Soon after, the craze grew to such an extent that it became the most drooled over amongst Bergen county mugshots, and still are sold as posters, photos, and even on the covers of journals!

What world is this!?