Demystifying Shasta Mugshots For Once And For All!

The term mugshot has fascinated people for ages. Etymologically speaking, it is formed out of two words- mug and shot. The earlier was an English slang used for face in the 18th century whereas, the latter simply means a photograph.

Opening shot-

It is a photographic portrait of a suspect taken after the arrest. Its roots can be traced back to Paris in the late 19th century when the technique of capturing these identification photos was first evolved by a French criminologist, Alphonse Bertillon, and are used as a template even today. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City has a remarkable collection of some of the earliest mugshots on display till date.

How would have people known that Bill Gates was arrested twice for traffic violations, had it not been for his smiling killer mugshots!

Throwing some light on Shasta mugshots-

Though Shasta County is known for its low crime rates, yet its high-security local detention facility is overflowing with inmates.

The booking procedure is in line with the conventional one-

  • The intake picture or police photograph gets clicked after a suspect gets booked into jail.
  • A mandatory frontal photo and a side-profile photo is taken with the ear exposed in the latter.
  • Mug photos of arrested persons wearing glasses shall show the front view without glasses and the side view with glasses.
  • Name and booking number appears on the photographs, which are later kept in the police file at the jail and also displayed online.
  • Shasta mugshots can be found on the website by entering the legal name and the arrest date of the inmate.

Can mugshots be removed from the internet?

It is a matter of public record as they are in the public domain so they cannot get removed from the internet. But a Petition to Expunge can be filed with the court, if granted, it will seal the arrest records and make them inaccessible.