What Is Waller County Texas Mugshots?  And What Is The Use For Them?  

A mugshot is a photo of a person taken in a specific manner which is from the waist up, these photos are taken when a person is arrested for any crime. You may be confused about what the purpose of this is or why you need to take photographs of the criminal in that way. In this article, we will explain how does this photo be taken what is the purpose of these photos taken by waller county texas mugshots.

Mugshots In Brief

They are your photographs from your waist up, they are taken from two sides, first your front side of the face, then from the right or left side. This is to identify the criminal in the jail, mostly they are helpful in creating wanted posters when the police have to catch the criminal in other cases or when they run from the police. This is being done for a long time just after a few years of the invention of photography, This trend started in the 1840s. Mug refers to the face which is a slang word, and a mugshot incomplete may refer to small pictures of a face. The background of the images is simple to have a more clear view, they are kept in the mug book of waller county texas mugshots for records of the criminal.

Purpose Of A Mugshot

A mugshot helps in identifying the criminal, they are kept as a record for any future needs. The mugshots are photographic record to keep as the record of people who have committed certain crimes, they are the identification for your face if you have committed the crime.

It consists of your front face and your side face to be sure about your identity. There is no other purpose than keeping records or identification proof.