Know About The Information About Calhoun County Jail Mugshots

The Calhoun County Jail mugshot is managed and directed by the major Sheriff of the Calhoun country and the main mission of the Calhoun county jail is to provide a safe and secure platform of confinement for all the persons who are committed to the custody of the jail and ensures that all intimates are treated accordingly, keeping in mind the established laws of the United States of America.

What is the use?

The whole commission of the Calhoun County has the responsibility for the funding and official operations work conducted in the jail. And the commission is also responsible for determining the number of staff present in the jail and the annual operating budget of the jail. The primary function of the Calhoun County involves the maintenance of the individuals who are held under the disposition of pending custody of their particular cases by the court.

The custody held in this commission is generally not intended to be punitive as most of the men and women who are being incarcerated here and have proved innocent by the court unless and until any proof of guilt is being determined by the law.

About the jail:

The jail has a multi-faceted environment and a capacity of about 370 inmates which include both male and female inmates and when we look into it as a daily basis then the population has increased from 180 to 500. It many other features like kitchen facility, drug rehabilitation camp, medical facility and certain separate facilities for women & their healthcare.

Calhoun County has all the public records including the special investigation for drug enforcement services. It has maintained a database for all the inmates that has been housed in the jail which includes the inmate search, inmate list, inmate roaster, arrest reports, bail bond and detention.