All You Need To Know About Grand Prairie Mugshots Jail

The Grand Prairie can house up to 210 inmates and is a part of the investigation service bureau. The centre has four holding blocks which are temporary, five cell blocks and two management cells. For juvenile offenders, there are other special cells to house them. Currently, if you look at the staff you will find four Detention supervisors, a detention manager, around Eight Team leaders and more than 20 full-time detention officers. Visiting the prison has certain rules and timing. The prison allows visitors in between 2 pm to 4 pm on all days except Sunday. Only two people can meet the concerned at a time for 15 minutes. People below the age of 17, properly dressed are allowed as a visitor within the prison.

A visitation approval is also needed for which visitors must call on the specified number. You can also schedule an online visitation in a few simple steps. Many people prefer online visitation as it is more comfortable than the offline one. In only 4 simple steps you can get approved as a visitor in the grand prairie mugshots. These steps are creating an account, requesting access, scheduling a visit and participating in the visit.

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There are also rules about what items you can bring and what not to the prisoner. Money and personal items are restricted in jail. If there is any medication taken by the prisoner it can be allowed in the prison. Medication should have the prisoner’s